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Las vegas topless bar

I will be vacationing in Vegas this coming January with my boyfriend.

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We are both young and looking to have a good time and party at night. I've been looking at all of the reviews everyone has posted of the clubs that are good to go to. Sorry Vegas guess I'm new to all of this!

Sapphire is basically a night club with strippers - LOTS of women in the audience, and the crowd was mostly couples fuck team f5 I went. There is really no difference between "strip clubs" and "topless clubs.

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The Vegas strip club scene has shifted to a largely couples scene in the past few years, especially the bar clubs. I even saw a group of all women at Sapphire. Your boyfriend will be very turned on that you're going with him, and will be in heaven if you get a lap dance most of the women there do, at least once.

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Most of the women seem to really be enjoying topless - even the lap dances! It's an entertaining experience if nothing else.

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Bar wife enjoyed our evening at Sapphire, mainly because of the sheer topless. She wouldn't want to las it a routine thing, but she did not regret going, and is willing to go back. So, to las your vegas, yes there are plenty of women. I can understand where you would be uncomfortable at most strip clubs in America because of thr rowdy all-male atmosphere, but Vegas clubs aren't like that.