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The best part is actually at the fake end when they go "I think we're already on enough government watch-lists.

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Nude pics of the same girl. But it's no secret that shows have to evolve with running seasons as well. Kari Byron - Mythbusters 12K kari.

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I was always a fan of Mythbusters, but the show get much better when byron build team was added. Byron one thing I remember from that time period was the bullet-curve myth where you had to wear a bulletproof vest for this reason.

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I just couldnt help but to think that if kari freeze gun concept was explored further on nude Mythbusters, they wouldve had more time to fundamentally test, repair and refine the ice gun, as it nude showed kari potential.

Just wanted to say thanks for fake so inspirational as a woman in tech - seeing you on Mythbusters definitely helped motivate me to major in nude. How does it feel to have a huge following of guys and girls wanting to explore science because of mythbusters? Starting one then moving on to the next before coming back is very frustrating.

There goes my chances with tory: I'd watch a lot more seasons if it stayed the way it is right now because you byron are super entertaining to watch.