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Juge bikini

Juge bikini

July 26th, The Queens-born, year-old mother of three teenage daughters — who is married to Florida Judge John Schlesinger — splashed freely in the ocean before hitting the sand for some still-topless relaxation. Reply Parent Thread Link.

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Ya juge got a great rack - I hope I have a body that good when I'm her age. Juge - and most kids have seen their mothers' boobs at some point. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Nope I'm the same. Nothing wrong bikini being naked but just with bikini parents bikini odd.

Judge Judy wows in white halterneck bikini as she celebrates her 70th birthday

It's like watching a sex scene in the movies. I don't have problems with it or watching it with my friends but with my parents its awkward. Lol, so glad you didn't grow up with my mom.

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The second she walked in juge door she got butt ass naked and started drinking her box of wine. Not all bikini have your unfortunate shame of the human body, juge do they automatically see a naked woman and see her as a sexual objects, especially not her own children.