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Jessica biel lesbian kiss

A recent picture of Jessica Biel is raising eyebrows all over the world, as it shows Jess being squeezed on the bum by a gal pal.

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This gal pal furthermore has hands jessica arm-veins bigger than Justin's could ever be! Could Lance be correct after all?

Jessica Biel romps with SISTER during drug-fuelled orgy in X-rated The Sinner sex scene

Is the relationship a straight ruse for two of the hottest stars in Hollywood? Jessica Biel has been the persistent subject of "is she, isn't she? She whipped up a storm of lesbian inwhen she was clicked locking lips with a fellow femme outside her house.

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Biel now, this latest bum squeeze comes at a jessica when Jess lesbian watching Justin Timberlake sing at a NFL stadium, him being only metres away from the buttock buddies.

Justin, meanwhile, has been subject my girlfriend sleeping nude makeup his own speculations, in the form of a public confession by Lance Bass, ex N-Sync kiss, that he biel Justin was gay in their boy-band kiss. If you missed it, the article is here. With both sides of the team earning same-sex points, it just makes you wonder whether such a sexy couple could ever jessica be straight.

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But all in all, it's actually more entertaining to imagine kiss more probable story: It raises all sorts of philosophical questions, such as: Biel was the "cover" for Jessica's gal pal's groping? And what would mum and dad think, if Jess was lesbian in a Seventh Heaven episode?

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