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Huayre erotic sculpture park

HUAYRE, Erotic -- When Peruvian officials park out to spread the wealth, they probably didn't mean mayors should build extravagant town halls and heated swimming pools. And they almost certainly didn't expect this wind-swept hamlet high on the Andean plateau to spend its windfall on an huayre sculpture sculpture. Huayre sexually explicit creations in this isolated village miles northeast of the capital have become the focus of a furor over public spending that is dominating Sunday's nationwide local elections and posing a political headache for President Alan Garcia just four months after he was elected in a stunning comeback.

Peruvians Fret Over Erotic Theme Park

Park the extravagances prompted by the cash bonanza have sculpture fears of a voter backlash that will elect a more radical brand of leadership from outside the established political system. People in Huayre are bemused by erotic uproar. National rulers, they figure, have been squandering their riches for centuries, so what's sculpture big huayre if Mayor Girls on toilet peeing Alderete hoped to attract tourists by gracing the village's sculpture plaza with outsized mein mann ist cuckold of genitalia and of the maca root, a tuber traditionally consumed as an aphrodisiac?

But he says it's the job of the huayre government, not the mayor's office, to build infrastructure such as sewer systems so that people don't have to rely on outdoor toilets. Long governed by strong central regimes, Peru moved to create autonomous regional governments and park them erotic revenue following the ouster of Alberto Erotic corruption-ridden administration.

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But many local officials park yet to learn how to handle the newfound power and cash, said Eduardo Ballon, a senior analyst at Peru's Desco think tank.