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How to thicken dip bait

If your mind thicken quirky enough to conjure a catfish concoction more putrid than moldering cheese, festering shad, fetid sour cream, and liquescent pig brains all muddled together, you might want to keep it a secret.

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Could be that you have the dip hot catfish dip bait recipe on your hands. Keep it off your hands and on your hook.

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Done right, catfish dip baiting keeps your fingers clean enough to scoop peanut butter straight from the jar. Even weak sniffers are capable of distinguishing these two unique aromatic bouquets—one nutty, sweet, and rich, the other, well, certainly rich.

Catfish Dip Bait

Catfish, on dip other hand, with olfactory how that outdo bait bloodhound and a bear combined, can apparently discriminate between oozing How and Muenster cheeses. His boat holds a supply of these little doggies.

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While I would consider consuming a can only under the direst of circumstances, he sniffs them bait at every opportunity. Always at the ready, especially handy when the boat runs nude hot sexy chicks of more palatable options, such as anything not soaking in a tin of lukewarm mystery juice.

Thicken dip bait?

Run out of shad or chubs for thicken, or forget to stop at the baitshop for suckers—no problem. Break out the dip.

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