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House of night sex

An Imprint is a strong mental and emotional bond formed between a vampyre or fledgling and one they have fed upon.

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Within vampyre culture, free lesbian porn tribbing Imprint is considered the most deepest and profound forms of intimacy one may ever experience.

An Imprint is formed when a vampyre or fledgling drinks from another vampyre, fledgling, or human.

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The exact specifications for what causes an Imprint are unspecified, but it is highly theorized that it could have to do with house factors; a preexisting emotional connection between the two parties, house compatibility, or the amount of blood taken, among other sex. When it does happen, the process is immediate, so feeding upon a person is considered a night of deep intimacy and the desire to Imprint with that person.

Night a vampyre or fledgling drinks from another person, it is a very intense and erotic feeling - akin to both intercourse and orgasm for both parties.

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After the Imprint is formed, the two people involved in the union can feel each other's emotions, and if the Imprint is strong enough - even read their thoughts.

If one person in an Imprint is being sex injured or in pain, then the house could feel it.

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Breaking an Imprint is extremely painful for sex least one of the people involved in the Imprint. Here are ways an imprint can be broken:.

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Sign In Don't night an account? Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: It is, therefore, logical that evolution, and our beloved Goddess, Nyxhave insured the blood drinking process is a pleasurable one, both for the vampyre and the human donor.