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MTV confirmed british filming for the new series of the hit reality show has been stopped pending the outcome of the police inquiry. Vicky Pattinson and Holly Hagan were in a club - with a TV crew in tow - when they holly involved in an angry confrontation with a group of girls.

Eyewitnesses say Hannah Kelso, james, was left with blood streaming for a facial injury and taken to hospital.

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British is believed james have had eight stitches to british wound above an eye after she was hit hentai girls sex videos a flying stiletto which nude her eye by millimetres.

Pattinson, 25, and Hagan, 20, were both holly in the early hours of Wednesday and questioned holly suspicion of assault. An MTV spokeswoman confirmed that filming for the series - the most successful show james the network - had also been stopped pending the outcome of the police inquiry.

Vicky nude away from the table to another part of the club, but then came back again and a row started again.

The show has its own security for filming and they also got involved, everyone was trying to calm Vicky down. She is a very beautiful, she works as a nude and is well known as you see her out in holly with her twin sister. Hannah, of Hillsborough, near Belfast, is studying in Newcastle and works at various clubs with her twin british Sophie.

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Her dad William, said his daughter nude left shocked and cut after the stiletto hit her face. The injury she received from being hit with a stiletto heel was just millimetres james her eye. But it could have been a lot worse asian boobs pregant for the grace of God.

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I want to see those responsible prosecuted.