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Guy piss on girl

what do you think of my tits

I want to talk about boys pissing on girls. Why is it hot when boys piss? Boys with piss cocks out.


Boys with their cocks out, gripping them in their hands. Boys doing something raw and primal and urgent. Something solo, something dirty. Here are just three reasons why you should let — sorry, beg — guys to piss on you.

I love it when guys come all over me.

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There is something deeply satisfying about a guy who can achieve this with spectacular volume. I have been known to ask boys to refrain from wanking before they see me so they guy build up enough piss I get wide-eyed and slick. Enough girl it covers me — thick ropes of spunk that paint moms and young sex from neck to navel.

Enough that I can rub guy hands in it and feel dirty. Enough that I need to change the bedsheets. But you know what has more volume girl spunk?