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Grandview topless coffee shop

Grand View Topless Coffee Shop forced to close over ‘boobies’ sign

Krista MacIntyre, topless defense witness, testified on the eighth day of the trial of Raymond Bellavance Jr. MacIntyre, 31, of South Gardiner said she had a sex with Bellavance, shop coffee Donald Crabtree and patron Jason Lunt around the same time in the months leading up to the fire but that she was not in an exclusive relationship with any of them.

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B ellavance allegedly was jealous because she was having a sexual relationship with Crabtree. When first asked about the calls, MacIntyre said she thought that her cell minutes had run out.

Later, she testified that her phone was off.

Topless coffee shop gets ready to close

MacIntyre admitted to lying on the document and acknowledged that Bellavance never said such a thing. She said she was pressured into getting grandview protection order by fellow waitresses. MacIntyre shrugged off the notion that Bellavance was jealous of her sexual relationship with Crabtree, saying that Bellavance shop had other sexual partners at that time, including her cousin.

Kelley later countered by repeating an interview MacIntyre had with investigators, saying one night MacIntyre topless chatting with Lunt in a parking lot while they sat in separate cars.

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Defense attorney Andrews Grandview called seven witnesses on Salma hyack nude. Kelley was quick to question the credibility of several of the witnesses by asking if they were the same persons shop criminal records. Four coffee the witnesses, including MacIntyre, confirmed their criminal history.

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Campbell attempted to discredit the time at which the state says the fire started by calling Vassalboro Fire Chief Eric Rowe to the stand.