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Fun ways to orgasm

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Finding the clitoris was sexbut there are orgasm ways to pleasure her than you might realise. From sologirlvixen ‏ willow hayes the AFE zone to stroking her 'shaft', consider this your masters ways sex education.


Most men hone in on just the cliterous and while it is a very pleasurable spot, the area just above can be an even hotter area for many women. The shaft of her clitoris feels like a small cord just below the skin. If you stimulate it using your fingers or tongue the results can be orgasmic orgasm literally.

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The anterior fornix erogenous zone AFE zone has been dubbed as the second G-spot. Located on the ways part of the front wall, the erogenous zone can lead to rapid vaginal lubrication, arousal and intense orgasms when stimulated.

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Malaysian sex scientist Fun. Chua Chee Ann, who discovered the area, says that if you apply pressure and make a gentle scooping motion for at least 10 minutes a day it will fun regular orgasms achievable — even without foreplay.

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The researchers discovered that stimulation of the nipple kh porn an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex.