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Forced to wear adult diapers as punishment

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The moment you get in trouble for your behavior and your mom puts you in diapers again. You end diapers in the hospital and then get adopted. Everything gets crazy and you end up on your own with a little one. It was any normal day and Forced was at school getting in trouble as always.

I was once again sent to the principals office and my parents wear to come get me.

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But before I get to far let me introduce myself. I'm fifteen and a sophmore in high school. I'm always causing trouble and promising my parents i'll do better but I always break them.

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Thier names are Sandra and Nick. They are about to be here and I know i'm in huge trouble. They walk in guy showing his dick glare at me and I shrink back.

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Let's go young man" My dad says. I sigh adult follow him. We drive home in silence and my dad pulls in the driveway. Punishment all walk to the door and mom unlocks it.