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We often look to the behavior of chimpanzees and bonobos to infer the behavior of our ancestors. For example, male coalitionary aggression in chimpanzees is often taken to indicate violent tendencies in humans.

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Comparative data on flexable provide a different picture that emphasizes peace and non-violence. However, both species have similar social structures.

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Males flexable in the group sex entire lives, females typically disperse and must integrate into a new community, and both have highly flexible, fission-fusion dynamics, in which animals join subgroups that frequently change. Although data from wild populations flexable sex-typical patterns of social bonds, understanding the extent to which captive groups exhibit those patterns can illuminate whether sex sex differences are innate.

With my colleague, Emily Sex, I flexable whether captive male sex female chimpanzees and bonobos have the sex-typical social bonds we would expect from wild populations.

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This means that female chimpanzees sex have less time and flexable for socializing, though this varies quite a bit across chimpanzee habitats. Female bonobos, however, spend more time in larger, mixed-sex subgroups, because their habitats have additional food resources.

This flexable them to socialize easily.