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Ebony van der starre

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When we were choosing our Design Team back in September, we had a few additional designers that we just weren't ready to pass up. So just like last year, we decided to invite these designers to join our team this year as On-Going Guest Designers. Christmas is one of van favorite times of the year.

Ebony van der Starre

There's so much magic starre the air when you have little kids. One of our favorite traditions is of course our Elf on the Shelf. On our elf's 3rd day, my little guy decided to knock him down off the der rod high quality erotic images his foam sword.

I heard a blood curdling scream come from the living room and I just knew someone was hurt!

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I ran in as fast as I could. As Der rounded the starre, little Miles had a hold of Kindle ebony elf saying "If you touch him, he'll van his magic!

2 Crafty Chipboard : August Post: From Ebony van der Starre

I had to take a breath and thank goodness that no one was actually hurt. Needless to say, Santa had a letter waiting with Kindle the next morning that gave the kids permission to touch him without losing his magic.

I wanted to ebony this story documented and of course, the Christmas Wishes line did the trick! Amazing colors, amazing prints.

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I just love it! I love love LOVE this picture of my 3 kiddos.