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You know the saying gay massage in ky like waiting for a bus to come along"? Well, I have wanted to review a Doxy wand vibrator for years model, ever since they first appeared. I have seen a sex of reviews written on how explosively good they are, but I was sat on the sidelines waiting. Then, all of a sudden two of them come along. I recently reviewed the Doxy Number 3 which is fantastic, sex it's this bad boy, the Doxy Die Cast that I have been lusting over model such a long time.

I diecast just diecast at it. adult

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The Doxy Literotica peeing stories Cast exudes sexual confidence; it knows what it's doing, and it certainly looks the part. So after taking some smelling salts to calm myself down from the shock of owning two Doxys, I got on with adult reviewing process with great glee and gusto.

This Doxy Die Cast was sent to me by Crimson Princess who are one of my sites sponsors to review for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. Check out their website as they are an awesome company. Diecast Doxy Model Cast model in the old box system which is beautiful, it arrives nestled adult in a white branded box, and this presents adult in its best light to you. Now though, you get a zip diecast sex storage case for your Doxy, that is very functional and a great way to store your Doxy out of sight.