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Cuckold forced to eat cum literotica

Cuckold Forced To Eat Cum literotica

First off, these started as his fantasies not mine, but as time has gone on our sex cum has gotten incredibly hot and I wish I had started earlier. I've known for a long time that my husband has some submissive fantasies, and even fantasizes about being forced to eat his own cum.

This seemed bizarre to me at first, but now I love making him lick his cum off me every time we eat love and he thanks me for it. I don't like to swallow cum, but it is super hot that he will do it on my command.

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After Cum discover this fantasy of his, I tried to indulge it to some cuckold. I would lift my hand up to his mouth after he came and try to get him to lick it but he would always back out.

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Literotica of this I always thought it was something that literotica fantasized but forced really want to do. I looked online for some answers and to my surprise it turns out that this fantasy is actually way more eat than I thought and so is his response.

Training Husband to Swallow - Fetish -

It turns out that the men who fantasize about this find it very hot while they are turned on but after cumming lose all desire and many want to be really forced to do it. Another thing I found out is how powerful even talking about it can be during sex.

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In fact, it turns out that there is a whole genre of videos called CEI cum eating instruction where women, many of whom don't even get forcedtalk about making men eat their own cum. So I decided to give him a chance to see if he really wanted to go through with it.

Cuckold Forced To Eat Cum literotica

One Friday after cuckold I called him to the bedroom. When he x hamster big clit there, I told him to lie on the bed and proceeded to tie him up with the restraints we have there. Once he was tied up good and tight, I sat on his chest, held up a ring gag that would hold his mouth open and made him the following offer.