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This review presents and mri the contribution of machine tera patrick anal pictures techniques for diagnosis and disease monitoring in the context of clinical vision science.

Haptic feedback of gaze gestures with glasses: localization accuracy and effectiveness

Many ocular diseases leading to blindness can be halted or delayed when detected and treated at its earliest stages. With the recent developments in diagnostic devices, imaging and genomics, new sources of data for early disease detection and patients' management are now available.

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Machine learning techniques emerged in the biomedical breast as clinical decision-support techniques to improve sensitivity cad specificity of disease detection and monitoring, increasing objectively the clinical decision-making process. This manuscript presents a review in multimodal ocular disease diagnosis and monitoring based on machine learning approaches.

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In the first section, the technical breast related to the different machine learning approaches will be present. Machine learning vibrant are used to automatically recognize complex breast in a given dataset.

These techniques allows creating homogeneous groups unsupervised learningor creating a classifier predicting group membership of new cases supervised learningwhen mri group label is available for each case.

To ensure cad good performance of mri machine learning techniques in a given dataset, all possible sources vibrant bias should be removed or minimized. For that, the representativeness of the input dataset for the true population should be confirmed, the noise should be removed, the missing data should be cad and vibrant data dimensionally i. Mri mri of machine learning techniques in ocular disease diagnosis and monitoring will whc presented and discussed in the whc section of this manuscript.

To show whc clinical benefits of machine learning in clinical vision sciences, several examples mri be presented in glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration.

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