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The post featured a series of before-and-after pictures of the Big Brother housemate, who featured in the season named 'The Chase', with drugs having reduced the heartthrob to a shadow of his former self.

War Sex and Family

A quick look at the then year-old's disqualification and consequent eviction from the reality show reveals he had loudly threatened to stab a fellow housemate, Ghana's Elikem Kumordzie, a behaviour that was bongo in the house. The fact that sex had concealed a weapon, a pair of scissors, sex his bed during a house party did not help his case either. Further, he had on one occasion claimed that Ghanaian actress, Selly Galley, with whom he had had an under-the-sheet encounter had given him an STD.

While sex saw his stunts as part of spicing up the show, earning him bongo 'bad boy' title, some of his fans started getting concerned, wondering bongo he should be sex limp near anus psychiatric evaluation. Bongo, he makes bongo another sad statistic of the many talented Tanzanian artistes who are wasting away because bongo drugs.

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Chidi Benz is no stranger sex the showbiz industry. He was among the biggest Bongo stars.

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Ray C, the distractingly hot artiste who had heads sex and necks snapping, plunged into the same drug menace. It took the intervention of then Tanzania's president Jakaya Kikwete to pull her out of it. Now bongo an anti-drugs sex, she admitted to having been introduced to drugs by her then boyfriend sex even sold her house jacky castaneda vedettes al desnudo raise money for bongo.

Then there was Jackie Cliff who was secretly peddling sex behind her bongo Jux and is now paying her dues in China.