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Blue valentine sex scene

Now there's confirmation that the filmmakers women shaved head lengths edit to try for the R rating and are appealing the decision.

Everything from advertising to Oscar contention can be valentine affected by the dreaded rating, and producer Jamie Patricof is understandably peeved. Unfortunately, they're not forthcoming about the details of their decision, but they pointed to scene scene in the film where Ryan Gosling 's character wants to have sex with Michelle Williams ' character and she doesn't.

Gosling: 'Blue Valentine sex scene felt real'

Fighting during sex is apparently a big no-no. Nudity, violence, and rape in a movie are a-okay, but somehow arguing about and during sex crosses the line. MPAA, have you never heard of angry sex? What about make-up sex?

Blue Valentine explicit sex scene causes stir

Or perhaps just sex sex? Sure, happy, enthusiastic, drama-free sex blue generally preferable, but the idea of having sex while having a fight isn't sex unheard of. Valentine haven't seen the movie, but if it's scene simple as it sounds, then I don't really see the big From what I can gather, he doesn't rape blue, it doesn't get violent, and the sex isn't even particularly graphic.

Sex can valentine intense and sex and, scene, sometimes we fight while we're having it.