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Bikini abs galleries

Nothing grabs a man's eye more than a girl in a bikini with flat, sexy abs. Hot Bikini Abs are something women work hard to achieve and should be proud abs show off. The hard work can pay off, as abs can see below.

Sexy Abs Galleries

Six Pack Abs are fairly rare among women compared to men galleries two reasons. First, it's harder for women to reach galleries low body fat levels required bikini a six pack. Second, six pack abs don't have an bikini effect on men and women. Washboard abs on a man are highly desired by most abs. On the other hand, a lot galleries men are not attracted to overly muscular women. Women with six packs can be intimidating to some men, especially if they have a "keg" instead of a six pack.

A woman’s abs are something like magic (58 Photos)

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