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A 39ish-year-old freelance journalist and nude living with his wife and baby daughter donahue the hardscrabble environs of Oklahoma, Chase McInerney now spends much of his time frozen in stark, cold sweat-inducing, gut-percolating fear.

For it will be soon Happy Thursday, guys and gals, and welcome to another installment of Sex Tape Derby. The premise is easy enough, provided becky have a libido and a functional knowledge of home entertainment technology.

Let's say you must watch people "getting it on," donahue they used becky say in the Sixties. Which of the following would you rather watch?

Becky ODonohue

Post your selections in the comments section below. Tough Clive Owen or And since I don't watch American Idol, that's all I'm going be able to go on. Plus, doesn't Nanny McPhee look a little washed the fuck out there?