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Awkward sex story

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We searched everywhere, tore the bedding off, etc. Finally we gave up and he went to the bathroom.

14 People Tell The INSANE Stories Of Their Most Awkward Sex Ever

Suddenly I got an idea and found it…still inside of me. This led sex us trying to fulfill a lot of unrealistic sexts, which once led to me tying him to my radiator with some ribbon.

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We also learned he was not so into being slapped across the face. He intended it to story hot sex me, but he was quite tired, so this led to him setting an alarm, waking up, throwing a T-shirt over my face, and jumping on top of me this is what I WOKE Awkward TO. Never speak of that again.

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Yes, great idea, what could possibly go wrong? While we were in the middle of the dirty deed with our pants down in bondage in the car admittedly very creepy, dark, and probably really dirty place, a story light shined in our faces.

12 of the most embarrassingly awkward sex stories

For some reason, neither of us moved nor tried awkward pull our clothes on. We just stood there, half naked, frozen like deer in headlights. The tone of his words made me think that this was not the first time he had walked in on some awkward dark corner sex during his shift.