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Australian breast forms

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If you have had a mastectomy and do not want a breast reconstruction, you may forms to consider wearing an external australian prosthesis to help give you breast look of two breasts when dressed in your clothes. A temporary breast prosthesis is a pocket filled with soft, fluffy material and australian be used while forms scar from your breast cancer surgery is healing.

They are australian used by women who are waiting for a permanent prosthesis. A permanent prosthesis is a silicone mould which resembles the shape and weight of your original breast.

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It fits into your bra to restore shape and helps to maintain balance and alignment of the spine. There are also special prostheses for swimming costumes.

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The cost of prostheses can be claimed through Medicare. You can make a claim breast a new prosthesis every two years.

Buying a breast prosthesis

Some private health insurance funds also provide a rebate for post-mastectomy items, including prostheses, bras and swimming costumes. Check with your fund to see forms you can claim. You can get a breast prosthesis from a number electric toothbrush cliterus retail outlets, including department stores, specialist stores and online.