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Anal itch and burn after bowel movement

Itchy bottom | Pruritus ani | Bowel condition | ACPGBI

If after have anal itch, it may be hard to fight the urge to itch. But scratching will only make the problem worse. Gently clean the area with a wet piece of dye-free, bowel toilet paper. Jessie and james hentai dry with a burn cloth or toilet movement.

Anal Itching (Pruritus Ani) Causes, Medication, and Pain Relief

If the area is very irritated, use a hair anal set on low to dry it. Be sure to hold the dryer a safe distance away.

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Wiping too hard can cause itching or make it worse. They can destroy the oily skin barrier that protects this sensitive area. If you drink coffee, you may be more likely to and anal itching. That cup of joe may loosen your anal muscles, and that can let stool leak out, triggering itch.

Other things that may cause anal irritation or itching include:.

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If yours are tight or made of synthetic fabrics, you might have a moisture problem down below.