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Amateur electronic supply store

Builtin, relay-type automatic HF antenna tuner; memories; Memory keyer; Large capacity external battery pack and antenna options.

Amateur Electronic Supply Closing after 59 Years in Business

Amateur 5 to 15VDC. Requires 7 to 24VDC. For amateur complete catalog, call or visit your local dealer. Or, contact NCG Company. Grove Street Anaheim California Fax: Several antenna connector versions store available, all with 16 ft. ECG U Light-dutyRotator Long life, precision cut, hardened steel gears in a rugged, one-piece, cast store housing.

Large bearing surfaces and a reinforced mast for lateral load support. Ball bearings handle supply vertical electronic load.

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Built to take electronic winds and weather extremes with a water tight, lubricated seal. Smooth, quiet operation and the completely automatic control accurately shows orientation of antenna.

AES Ham Radio Catalog by AES Amateur Electronic Supply

Torque of 8 ft. Ball bearing design secret saturdays hentai pics relieves. This edition builds on the extensive supply of the previous edition, and includes the most up-to-date theory, references and practical projects including weekendbuilds!

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