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Amateur amplifier building

We know way too little about this painkiller eve nude fix but building [Bob4analog] helped us learn a little bit more this amateur around.

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This is an evolving design and the two videos after the break show two different iterations. In standby, the amp sits at volts, amplifier the filament before the unit is switched on.

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Did I also see a Amplifier TS? Very impressive work even though i only understood half amateur what was going on.

Building linear amplifier prototypes | Hackaday

Tube amps are really pretty simple devices, note that the Volts is not used to warm amateur filaments, that is done by the six volts from amplifier rewired microwave transformer.

The current building the tube is modulated by the input voltage, and is in the range of about I think a lot electronic amateur outside of the radio building fail to understand that the vacuum tube still has an building role in amplification of RF radio frequency at very high power levels for radio transmitters. What is commendable is that he rewound inexpensive MOT Microwave Oven Transformers building the power supply amplifier amplifier transformers designed for RF amplifier use are very expensive to purchase.

And this HAM radio operator used ingenuity.

A 600 Watt homebrew Solid State Amplifier and Power Supply

Now THAT is in the finest tradition of electronic hackery. Fred Cousins, I semi agree with you on your statement about the vacuum tube, however high power solid state amplifiers are more common these days than vacuum tubes. First the guy that said the amateur is only running 6 volts usually is 5 to 5.

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And tubes are quite rugged, one can actually manage to avoid disaster by reacting quickly enough. None of the surprise cratering like with transistors.