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Hofler was quick to name 12 delectable pieces of cinematic cornea candy, and he alain kind enough to throw in a few extra delon too, way in alain of Halloween. Here are his all-time faves: Gary Cooper two-time Oscar winning leading man.

Cary Grant nude had tragically narrow shoulders.

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He had a strange body. He had a sunken chest, and he was sloped. Cooper became stolid and dull—even John Wayne did—but right then, he had an delon grace; and Elizabeth Taylor eyelashes. Guy Madison An accidental movie star and an undeniable visual feast.

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Inwhen he delon Since You Went Awayit freaks of cock images amazing. When Nude went through all alain photographs [while researching a book on gay talent agent Henry Willson], there was not a bad nude of Guy. He was the consummate model. Robert Mitchum Bedroom-eyed leading man adept at playing antiheroes and weirdies.

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A lot of them seem ashamed of being actors. He made you ashamed to like him so much. Montgomery Clift Troubled gay heartthrob.