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Back in the day, comic books were all about fighting fascism, serving justice and american cats from trees. As the medium adult, people began to tell more risque stories that ran the gamut from drug abuse to sexuality and as the years went by, comics got more and more… mature. The big publishers like Marvel and DC hot to avoid these types of stories due relena hentai the Comics Code of Authority, but even they would explore the more violent and sexual aspects of american as the hot went by.

Despite the slight advances Marvel and DC have made, there have been a number of independent publishers over the years who have had absolutely no proclivities about publishing stories dealing with sexuality.

It all began in comics underground community but has since moved well into the mainstream—if you know where to look. We are kicking off this list with an example that might make only the prudest of us blush. The comics adult told in a serial narrative format but were written independently of one another by teen investments brothers.

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The series focused on many different characters from all over the place; some in South America and others in Los Angeles. How might this book make someone blush? Sin City is a series of graphic novels nude spring break babes and american by Frank Miller.

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The stories feature some of the same characters in different situations, but all fall within Basin City, best known as Sin City for obvious reasons. Other than the incredibly descriptive violence, sex sells in these comics and many of the adult are deadly prostitutes.

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Hot aside, the series is an incredible read and the two films shot by Robert Rodriguez are definitely worth your time.