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Activating virgin mobile phone

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Activating a Virgin Mobile Phone on Verizon - Mobile - Cell Phone General Discussion

As soon as you finish entering the last symbol, the phone will take you into a special Program Menu. Activate Phone First note that in order virgin activate your phone in this way, you need to first enter your phone's ID either by phone virgin calling or online activating one of Virgin Mobile websites such big gay cock cum virginmobileusa. I usually call mobile phone and an automated system steps me through it.

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When calling VM, you will need your phone available and activating needs to be on. Then press Start, and next OK. It will show a Once it is doing it's thing, select Finished, and then OK when you see your phone number displayed.

Virgin Mobile Phone Number

Once done editing each, then select OK. Once done editing, and once you are back to the Program Mode main menu, select Done, and the phone should automatically restart. Consider Mobile Article Contribution: Consider submitting an article of your own to Tech Notes.

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