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1996 bianchi eros

Results 1 to 9 of 9. I currently ride an old Univega Activa Action hybrid that my father purchased back in the early bianchi for a commuter.

Steel Bikes - Bianchi Eros

So far it seems to be and ok bike, 1996 I would like to upgrade especially in the area of components and bearings. Eros darn thing just doesn't seem to coast like it should already cleaned and greased the wheel bearings.

The bike has Shimano SIS components, a c rear wheel and a 27" front 1996apparently the bianchi wheel got bent and it got replaced with a c. I did bianchi put Continental non-treaded tires on 1996 bike. Eros searching Craigslist I came across this little thing just down the road from me.

1996 Bianchi Eros frames, 57 cm

I think cartoon of hillary clinton naked like the bianchi might be a better option. Let eros know what you think. Thanks for any advice and great site Andy. I like that bike!

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You see the eros pop up on the best entry level bikes lists now and then. If your going to race it mmmmmm Plus 59cm might be big for that bike.

When I was looking at Bianchis, I was test riding 57 or 58cm or something like that and I'm 6 foot.